Updated Mask Guidance

Council Leadership of ALC is updating our mask policy to RECOMMEND MASKS BE WORN BY ALL PARISHONERS regardless of vaccination status, in accordance with CDC guidelines, and accounting for infection rates in the surrounding areas. This recommendation is made in an effort to keep everyone in our building as safe as possible while maintaining in-person activities. 

Pastor Joel On Sabbatical

Pastor Joel is on Sabbatical and will return October 10th. 

Please join us for special guest preachers and worship each week! 

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God's Work, Our Hands.

Due to COVID-19 many service opportunities are at-home projects. Check out all the ways you can help on the signs-up in the Narthex at church! 

"Bring Back Advent" Top Priorities June 2021-May 2022

1.          Congregational Needs

a. Reach out to those that we haven’t seen by phone or e-mail and follow-up on initial contacts to find out how we can facilitate their returning to in-person worship and what needs they have at this time.   Develop a script to use on phone or e-mail and record answers to be addressed/acted upon. (June – August, 2021 – report at August Council meeting)

b. Develop and send survey to congregational members/friends to determine what is needed physically, emotionally and spiritually using survey monkey or mail chimp. (June-July, 2021 – report at July meeting)


2.          Youth

a. Develop a new, exciting event to kick-off junior and senior high youth activities, re-gathering for the Fall, 2021 year. (June – August – report at September meeting)

b. Determine what youth needs are in the near time with Youth Team and youth input. (June – August, 2021 – report at September Youth Ministry Meeting, summarize to Council)

c. Include youth that are interested in music to join an adult group of musicians or form a youth musical group. (August – December, 2021 – report to Council, January, 2022)

d. Provide a regular activity/event/learning for post-Confirmation youth on Sunday mornings. (June – September, 2021 – report to YM Team and Council, October, 2021)


3.          Small Groups

a. Offer at least one or more new Sunday School class opportunities, survey congregation on topics of interest, additional days/ times for classes and recruitment of new leaders.  (June – August, 2021 – report to Council, August, 2021)

b. Start a book club – that would allow people to jump in and out without a long-term commitment.  Subject matter may be religious and/or secular. (August – October, 2021 – report to Council, November, 2021)

c. Start a dinner club for young members that would allow for fellowship -  with children and youth included. (November, 2021 – March, 2022 – report to Council, April, 2022)

d. Re-start Men’s Dinner Group (will start in September, 2021.  Report to Council, October, 2021.)


4.          Retire the Debt

a. Celebrate our 45th Anniversary with a Reformation Day luncheon on 31 October. Start the final campaign to eliminate our mortgage debt as a “Gift for the Christ Child” kind of campaign that will lead to another celebration on January/February, 2022 when we burn the mortgage and have another celebration luncheon. (September, 2021 – January, 2022 – report to Council, February, 2022)

b. Continue planning and evaluation of funds available after retiring  mortgage and what is necessary to keep operations and staff without a negative budget. (September, 2021 – April, 2022 – report to Council, May, 2022)

c. Initiate a program to help members/guests focus on Stewardship and celebrate what has happened over the time of COVID. (June, 2021 – April 2022 – report to Council on progress monthly)


5.          Hospitality/Fellowship

a. Church-wide picnic in September/October (July – September, 2021 – report to Council Oct/Nov.)

b. Move treats and coffee outside. (Fellowship hour will begin on 27 June, but treats and coffee will likely move inside as summer progresses) (May – July, 2021 – report to Council in August)

c. Determine service projects that could be done easily with a variety of skills and ages.   Identify people to lead projects. (August, 2021 – February, 2022 – Report to Council on progress monthly)

Advent Lutheran Church is in the Northern Texas- 

Northern Louisiana Synod of the ELCA.