New Worship Series to Begin

The Reformation:  Five Solas

14 October- “Sola Scriptura”(Scripture alone). This tenet asserts that Scripture must govern over church tradition. All church traditions, creeds, and teachings must be in unity with the teaching of Scripture as the “divinely inspired Word of God”.

21 October – “Sola Christus” (Christ alone). Bishop Gronberg will be here preaching on this key tenet of Lutheran theology that states Christ is the only needed mediator between God and humans, and that there is salvation through no other means.

28 October – REFORMATION SUNDAY “Sola Fidei” (Faith alone) tells us that good works are not a means or a requisite for salvation. We are justified by faith alone. Good works are the result and evidence of saving faith, but the good works, in themselves, never determine whether we’re saved or not.

4 November – BRIARWOOD DAY  – some of the Briarwood Retreat Staff will come and lead worship.

11 November – ALL-SAINTS SUNDAY- “Sola Deo Gloria” (Glory to God alone) teaches that all glory is to be due to God alone, since salvation is accomplished solely through God’s will and action. This is in opposition to praying to Mary, the mother of Jesus, the saints or angels.

18 November – “Sola Gratia” (Grace alone) teaches that salvation comes by divine grace, or as Luther put it, “unmerited favor”. This means that salvation is an unearned gift from God for Jesus’ sake. I might add, this is the “sola” that has possibly had the most influence in faith communities beyond Lutheranism in our own time.

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