The Story that Changes Us

This Lent we will be using the lectionary to tell the story of a journey of Forty Days. These gospel stories are ones that if we listen will change us. But they are more than just stories they are a means to grace and peace. Join us as together we dive into the mystery of the Gospel and are changed. On Wednesday nights we will gather for a midweek service of evening prayer. This service will be a quiet service of contemplation with a short mediation by Pastor Joel.  Holy week will start off with a special Musical Service lead by the Festival choir, with guest preacher, Bishop Erik Gronberg.

March 1  Ash Wednesday -Mt. 6: 1-6, 16-21: A Story of Prayer

March 5  1st Sunday in Lent – Mt. 4: 1-11: The Tale of Temptation

March 12  2nd Sunday in Lent –  Jn. 3: 1-17: A Story about Faith

March 19    3rd Sunday in Lent – Jn. 4: 5-42: A Surprise Story

March 26   4th Sunday in Lent – Jn. 9: 1-41: Stories of Healing (Healing Service)

April 2 5th Sunday in Lent  – Jn. 11: 1-45: A Tale of Transformation

April 9 Palm Sunday  – Mt. 21: 1-11: A Story of Anticipation

April 13  Maundy Thursday –  Jn. 13: 1-17, 31-35: A Service Story (Healing Service)

April 14  Good Friday – Jn. 18-19:42: The Story of Great Loss

April 16   Easter Sunday – Mt. 28: 1-10 The Story of Joy




We will have a special service on Wed. April 5th. We will be joined by a leader from “Jews for Jesus” and we will be lead through a traditional Seder Meal.  We will be taught the significance of the various elements of the meal and how they relate to our own current worship practices and ritual.